The Hungarian Karma Kagyupa Community is a Buddhist community, who regards the example and activity of Alexander Csoma de Körös as a major source of inspiration. The Community was established and named Karma Ratna Dargye Ling by the Venerable Lama Ngawang in 1987. It was acknowleged and registered by the authorities in 1989. Since 1991 the Community has a retreat centre, located near Tar village on a nine hectare land, in a very beautiful landscape. The centre on its property maintains a public park called Alexander Csoma de Körös Memorial Park, where visitors can see the Hungarian Bodhisattva’s forty feet tall memorial Peace-Stupa, an exhibition of his life, and also learn about Buddhism and Tibet. In 2011, the community built a beautilful 3-storey Tara Temple in traditional Tibetan style. The community has two meditation centres in Budapest, one in downtown called Karmapa House, and one in Csillaghegy called Karma Dorje Ling.

Main events of history of the Hungarian Karma Kagyupa Buddhist Community since 1987

  • In June 1987 Ven. Lama Ngawang and Ven. Lama Chöpel from Stockholm first come to Hungary, following an invitation from a spontanously formed local group of Buddhists, at whose request the Community is established by Venerable Lama Ngawang, who consents to act as spiritual director.
  • On June 16th the lamas taught in Budapest. On June 18 – 19th  there was a Nyungne meditation in Szigliget.
  • On 7th March of 1988 a 3-month pilgrimage was organized to India, Nepal and Tibet, led by the Lamas, followed by four Hungarian and members of the Swedish Dharma Community.
  • In May 1989 there was a two-week meditation retreat at a yoga centre in Vágotpuszta. In autumn same year the Community became a registered church. The newly registered church invited and acted as a host to H.H. Dalai Lama, who met H.E. Cardinal Paskai at the St. István Basilica and the leaders of MDF political party.
  • Between 18th September and 14th October 1990 there was a 16-day Nyungne meditation in Úszó led by the Lamas.
  • Between 1st and 3rd March 1991 Geshe Lobzang Tubten (a lama belonging to the Gelug School living in Germany) was invited to give teachings at the Kosztolányi Cultural Centre, Budapest. In June we bought a uninhabited farm, and until the end of October we renovated the buildings, created the temple, built tile stoves and completed the painting work. October 7 – 23rd Lama Ngawang and Lama Chöpel visited  to give the first meditation teachings in the retreat centre at Tar, and consecrated the site where the Stupa is to be erected.
  • During February 1992 we installed water, electricity and central heating. On April 4th the construction of the stupa started under the spiritual guidance of Lama Ngawang, the work led by Lama Chöpel and Dominique Greau, a French architect. In June Lobzang Damchö, Tibetan monk decorpainter arrived to lead decoration painting inside and outside of the stupa. On June 22nd H.H. Dalai Lama consecrated the Peace-Stupa of Alexander Csoma de Körös, built on the 150th anniversary of his passing into peace. In August there is a children’s creative camp for the pupils of Endre Ady Primary School. In September the Karma Dechen Özel Ling Buddhist Centre gave a meditation course lea by Ole Nydal in Tar. From November 8th until June 5th 1993, there were 104 sets of Nyungne meditation retreat under the guidance of  Lama Csöpel, who at the Community’s request consented to become resident lama, and since then as the representative of Lama Ngawang leads the community.
  • In 1993 Lama Ngawang taught for 3 months in Budapest and at Tar. The Karma Dechen Özel Ling Buddhist Community had a summer meditation course led by Ole Nydal, and later the Mokusho Zen Group under the guidance of Yvon Beck zen monk had a 5 day sesshin (meditaton retreat) at Tar.
  • Between February 9th and 26th 1994 there were 8 Nyungne meditations under the guidance of Lama Ngawang, followed by a 6 month retreat. In summer a large residential house is built. In August a creative camp for the Endre Ady Primary School is given. On June 11th Dr Trogawa Rinpoche gives empowerment of Sangye Menla – Medicine Buddha at the Attila József Secondary School, Budapest, and then visited Tar.
  • In spring 1995 Lama Ngawang taught for 3 months in Budapest and at the Meditation Centre in Tar. In April the dharma bookstore and gift shop was opened, and in spring the Memorial Park of Alexander Csoma de Körös is opened by ?r. Gábor Fodor, Minister of Education, who also planted the Park’s first tree. Representatives from all schools in Hungary named Alexander Csoma de Körös were present and laid a wreath at the relief of the Bodhisattva of the Western World mounted inside the stupa. In summer Ven. Tsechu Rinpoche visited Tar.
  • From May 1996 Lama Ngawang taught in Budapest and Tar for 3 months, and in the autumn the Lotus Reception-house in the Memorial Park was opened, housing a bookstore, a cafe and a gift-shop.
  • In spring 1997 a pavilion of Tibet Exhibition in the Memorial Park was opened, and during the summer Lama Ngawang taught for 3 months in Budapest and Tar. In the autumn a six month meditation retreat starts. In cooperation with the Roma (Gipsy) Minority Autonomy international folkdance programme was given at the stupa.
  • In June 1998 H.H. Sakya Trizin Rinpoche visited Hungary, on 21st he gave Guru Rinpoche empowerment in Tar. In the summer Venerable Lama Ngawang taught in Budapest and Tar for 3 months. In august there was a children’s creativity camp for Endre Ady Primary School. In autumn the first one-month Lojong meditation retreat of the newly initiated three year meditation training “Meditation in Three Steps” started, and in winter Tarab Rinpoche from Copenhagen visited Tar.
  • February 2nd 1999 there was a pilgrimige by 10 people to India and Nepal, and on 18th March Lama Norlha from New York visited to teach at the University of Alexander Csoma de Körös, at the Buddhist College and at Tar. 2 – 7th august H.E. Beru Khyentse Rinpoche arrived from India to give Shantideva teachings and Chenrezig empowerment in Tar. In the summer Lama Ngawang taught for 3 months in Tar and in Budapest.
  • From June 2000 Lama Ngawang taught for 3 months in Tar and Budapest. We started building the Alexander Csoma de Körös Memorial Pavilion in April. In June there was a one week children’s creative camp with Szépia Art Studio. In October we co-organized the teaching of H.H. Dalai Lama in Budapest at the National Sports Hall. In November, consecration of Alexander Csoma de Körös’ Memorial Pavilion by Lama Lobzang Sönam, Tibetan guest teacher of the Buddhist College, Budapest.
  • In January 2001 Lama Ngawang came to Budapest and Tar to teach for 3 months, during which time from 14th February there was a one month pilgrimage with the lamas and 49 people to India and Nepal. In July we organised a children’s art camp with Szépia Art Studio. In July the temple is enlarged and the houses modernized. September 1 – 10th  H.E. Beru Khyentse Rinpoche arrived from India to give meditation teachings and Dorje Sempa empowerment during two days in Budapest at the National Sports Hall, followed by a week-long Mahamudra meditation retreat and Milarepa empowerment in Tar.
  • 2001 we purchased a house in Budapest and started  the reconstruction work in order to establish a meditation centre in it.
  • 2002: Opening of the Meditation Centre Karma Dorje Ling in Budapest, Csillaghegy.
  • April 2002, 48-day pilgrimage led by the Lamas to Tibet, including the holy mountain Kailash, Lhasa and Central-Tibet.
  • 2002 H.H. Sakya Trizin Rinpoche visited and consecrated the Centre in Budapest.
  • 2003 H.E. Sakya Jetsun Kushog, gave 21 Tara empowerment
  • 2004 Summer: Lama Ngawang gave Mahamudra teachings, and Cültrim Rinpoche gave teachings about the 37 practices of the Bodhisattva in Tar.
  • 2004 Csillaghegy monthly teachings for the Chenrezi ceremony by Lama Csöpel.
  • 2005 Spring: Cültrim Rinpoche gave Phowa teachings and he also led a meditation course.
  • 2005 Csillaghegy: monthly teachings for the Tara ceremony by Lama Csöpel.
  • 2005 Summer: Milarepa Guru Yoga retreat with Lama Ngawang and Cültrim Rinpoche
  • 2006 Summer: Phowa retreat with Cültrim Rinpoche
  • 2006 Csillaghegy: monthly teachings to the Nyungne  practice by Lama Csöpel.
  • 2006: We organized a relics show of the Maitreya Projet in Petőfi Museum. 11,000 visitors in 2 days!
  • 2006-2008 Budapest: monthly, then biweekly teachings by Lama Csöpel about Shantideva’s The Way of the Bodhisattva
  • 2008: we organized Kalachakra empowerment (the first in Hungary!), which was given by Chökyi Nangwa Rinpoche of the Jonang lineage
  • 2008: We bought a building downtown Budapest, and refurbished it into a beautiful meditation center called Karmapa House. Cültrim Rinpoche consecrated it.
  • 2008: We organized a relics show of the Maitreya Projet in SYMA-center. 14,000 visitors in 3 days!
  • In November 2009: Opening of the World Religions Week in the Karmapa House. We, together with 5 more representative churches of world religions, founded the Religions of the World Cooperation Forum (VEF) event.
  • In January 2010: Two Mongolian Nyingma Lama – Bold Dzsagvaral and Bator Sandžak Lund – arrived at Karmapa house and practiced Chöd ritual.
  • March 2010: We organized a charity evening, with the goal to raise funds for the builidng of the Tara Temple in Tar.
  • March 2010: Yeshi Namkhai (Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s son), 10-day Dzogchen teachings and retreat in the Karmapa House.
  • April 2010: dr. Gendun Dhargay Tibetan doctor teachings and gave personal consultations.
  • April 2010: Douglas Penick (Trungpa Rinpoche’s disciple) taught: Gesar king and path of dharma here and now.
  • May 2010: Chökyi Nangwa Rinpoche again in Budapest, he gave teaching about Guru Rinpoche, and Guru Rinpoche’s meditation, gave White Mahakala and long Green Tara empowerment.
  • June 2010: 1-day sojong vows, teaching, and cog offering in  the Karmapa House with Lama Lekse.
  • June 2010: Venerable Cültrim Rinpoche, gave Guru Rinpoche teachings and empowerment in the Karmapa House
  • Summer 2010: Tara meditation retreat, and during the retreat we decorated the Tara temple, did the wrapping of the sacred text, filled the temple sculptures, sewed curtains and other textile accessories with the leadership of Cültrim Rinpoche
  • September 2010: Telo Tulku (Tilopa incarnation), gave a teaching in the Karmapa House.
  • 2010 September 18 to 19. His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Hungary, gave teachings, and gave Chenrezi  empowerment. Both days sold out in the Papp Laszlo Sports Arena, and the Internet and tens of thousands more followed the teachings. Our community played a key leading role in the organization of the event.
  • September 2010: Chökyi Nangwa Rinpoche in the Karmapa House gave Mahakala (Chadrukpa) empowerment.
  • October 2010: Chödrak Tenphel Khenpo Rinpoche, the main tutor of Gyalwa Karmapa Trinley Thaje Dorje  in the Karmapa House gave teachings about the Buddha nature.
  • November 2010: The huge Tara Statue arrives to the new temple in Tar.
  • December 2010: the first Nyungne in the Tara temple of Tar.
  • February 2011: The relationship between Hungarian mentality and Buddhism. Presentation at the Karmapa House. Artists: Bácsa Máté Imre, Csilla Farkas, Zoltan Cser
  • April 9, 2011: Venerable Lama Ngawang Rinpoche the founder and spiritual leader of the Hungarian Karma Kagyüpa Community passed away.
  • June 2011: Lama Lekse teaches in the Karmapa House.
  • 2011 July3: Inauguration ceremony of the Tara Temple and Tara empowerment by Cültrim Rinpoche.
  • July 2011: Tara meditation retreat led by Cültrim Rinpoche.
  • July 2011: Chöd empowerment and retreat led by Cültrim Rinpoche.
  • July 2011: Cültrim Rinpocse gave Karma Pakshi empowerment.
  • 2011 August 27 to 28.: Buddha relics exhibition in Szabadkígyós at  the castle Wenckheim
  • September 2011: Csökyi Nangwa Rinpoche gave  Medicine Buddha blessing and  empowerment. He also taught about “Karma – The causes of sickness and health”. Gave “Rig Sum Gönpo – The family of three defenders,” empowerment and teaching.
  • October 2011: Beru Khjence Rinpoche in the Karmapa House gave Vajrapani,  Hajagríva, Garuda empowerment as well as a teaching about the Three Jewels and the Three Roots.
  • October 2011: Beru Khjence Rinpoche gave Dzambhala,  the Buddha of wealth and welfare empowerment  in  Tar.
  • January 2012: Lama Kalsang in the Karmapa House taught about Amithaba meditation practice, and how one can be born in Dewachen.
  • January 2012: Lama Kalsang in the Tara Temple gave teachings about how we can obtain precious human birth
  • May 2012: Lama Lekse teaches in the Karmapa House
  • July 2012: Cültrim Rinpoche in the Tara Temple gave Chenrezi empowerment and led a short retreat.
  • July 2012: Cültrim Rinpocse in the Karmapa House gave Amitabha empowerment and teaching about the 37 Bodhisattva practices.
  • September 2012: Lama Tony Duff taught in the Karmapa House and Tar in the Tara Temple
  • February 2013: Khenpo Tashi Rinpoche again in Hungary, he gave teaching about the tibetan astrology, and about Lojong, he also gave Vajrapani empowerment.
  • March 2013: exhibition of Buddha relics in Pécs and Komárom
  • May 2013: Dupsing Rinpocse in the Tara Temple of gave Amtayus empowerment and teaching about its meditation.
  • May 2013: Cultrim Rinpoche gave chod-empowerment and teachings, furthermore Vajrapani, Hayagriva, Garuda empowermentJuny, July, August 2013 Lama Lekse teaches in the Karmapa House, Pécs and Komárom.
  • July, August, September 2013: Lama Tony Duff teaches in the Karmapa House and Tar in the Tara Temple
  • August 2013: Loten Dahortsang gave a Tibetan Yoga course (Lu Jong) in the Karmapa House.
  • September 2013: Beru Khjence Rinpoche gave Milarepa  empowerment Tar in the Tara Temple, and taught in the Karmapa House.
  • June 2014: Retreat with Khandro Rinpoche in the Tara Temple, furthermore she gave Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tsogyal empowerments
  • Summer 2014: Started the building of the Four Great Kings Protector Wall
  • October 2014: Trehor Lama gave Amitabha empowerment and teaching
  • October 2014: Khentrul Rinpoche gave teaching about Master-disciple connection
  • May 2015: Dr. Nida led a dreamyoga retreat and gave Yuthok empowerment
  • May 2015: Dupsing Rinpoche and 18 lamas arrived to Tar and kept Mahakala Lama Dance in Tar
  • July 2015: Cultrim Rinpoche gave chod empowerment and led a chod retreat

Our regularly programs every year:

• New Year’s nyungne and ceremony – Tar
• 8 nyungne retreat – Tar
• 4 buddhist main celebrations –  2-days nyungne meditation retreat
• Tibetan New Year Ceremony (Lhoszar)
• Easter celebration
• Dalai Lama Birthday Celebration
• Healing Buddha Relic Exhibition
• Celebration of Light
• Santa Claus
• Christmas celebration

Review of the Peace-Stupa of Alexander Csoma De Körös

The true nature of all sentient beings is goodness and wisdom, no matter what their religion, approach, race and nationality may be – that is what we are reminded of by the Stupa. Therefore our shrine is open for everyone.
The Stupa is a traditional Buddhist building which can be seen in great number in the Buddhist countries of Asia. Its way of creation was described by Lord Buddha himself 2500 years ago. It embodies the totally enlighted mind which is boundless wisdom and boundless goodness inseparable. Boundless wisdom is complete and direct knowledge of the true nature of our mind as well as of the true nature of the world. Boundless goodness is compassion and love towards all beings without exception, and just as the sun’s rays shine equaly on all beings, it does not take sides with friens and against enemies. The mind of every sentient being possesses the seed of boundless wisdom and the seed of infinite love and compassion, together with the ability of their total realization. The Stupa is built as an antidote to inner and outer destructive forces. Its outer form represents the gradual path of spiritual development towards enlightment. It contains holy relics, symbols, writings of enlighted beings and offerings.
Our stupa was built for the creation and stabilisation of peace, happiness and welfare, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Alexander Csoma de Körös’ passing into peace. The work was done with the inspiration and spiritual guidance of Venerable Lama Ngawang, and completed within 4 months with the altruistic help of many enthusiastic, peace-loving people without respect to racial, religious and national differences. We received generous donations from different churches and the state, as well as from companies and individuals.
The Hungarian Karma Kagyüpa Buddhist Community belongs to the Tibetan Karma Kagyüpa Order, which is one of the four main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. This school was established by the first Karmapa in the XII century. Milarepa, the famous yogi-poet is one of its great spiritual forefathers. Our primary aim is to uphold and spread without corruption through oral and scriptual transmission Lord Buddha Sakyamuni’s teachings.

Never commit a harmful deed,
practice a wealth of virtue,
realize the true nature of mind –
This is the teaching of Buddha.