The Hungarian Karma-Kagyüpa Buddhist Community comprises the practitioners of the living tradition of the Inner Path. The thousand-year-old Tibetan Karma-Kagyüpa tradition has preserved the blessing and teachings of the Inner Path in an unbroken linage of spiritual ancestors, from master to disciple, since Buddha for over 2500 years. This linage was represented and transmitted directly by the founder and spiritual leader of our community, the Tibetan Dorje Lopön Lama Ngawang Rinpoche, and is continued to be represented and transmitted by his Hungarian disciple, Venerable Lama Chöpel.
Our goal is to provide support in finding a genuine, practical path of spiritual-mental development, not only for buddhists, but for all interested, regardless of religious commitment. In this endeavour we rely on the several-thousand-year-old buddhist spiritual inheritage. The teachings have preserved their genuine purity, and are directly relevant to today’s people. They convey to us, in a simple, easy-to-understand, contemporary language, the limitless wealth of deep spiritual insights derived from personal experince of enlightened masters, and provide a sure guidance for those seeking the fruitful ways of inner development.

Alexander Kőrösi Csoma Memorial Park

Our church respects Alexander Kőrösi Csoma as an enlightened being, and follows the way that he opened. Our important responsibility is to maintain and practice his spiritual inheritage. In his honor, through the Foundation of Clear Light, we maintain a Memorial Park in our Meditation Center in Tar (Nógrád County), open for public. It is here where we constructed the Peace Stupa in memoriam Alexander Kőrösi Csoma in 1992, which was consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and was blessed by representatives of world religions. The Stupa was built to establish and strengthen peace, happiness and well-being for all beings in the world.
It was also here, where we founded the Alexander Kőrösi Csoma Memorial Park in 1995 followed by a Memorial Pavilion displaying Csoma’s life and activity. This was made possible due to the 1% personal income tax offerings given to our church and the foundation. The Memorial Park, like the Peace Stupa, is open every day and can be visited for free. The Memorial Park is highly visited, and has become a pilgrimage site for those appreciating our ancient inheritage, and for all wanting peace. In our meditation center, we regularly organize meditations, rituals, teachings, courses and meditation retreats (spiritual practices). Anybody can participate in the programs and work of our community in the manner and duration he/she wishes.

Tara Tea House

The Tara Tea House is also located in the Alexander Kőrösi Csoma Memorial Park, and it serves souvenirs, refreshements and something to eat for our visitors, and aims to provide some more comfort for our guests.