Follow the Relic Tour, Europe, 2006. november 17.

Follow the Relic Tour, Europe
13 - 15 October, 2006
Museum of Hungarian Literature
Budapest, Hungary

The queue reached the end of one block, rounded a corner and extended to the end of a second block. In all, 11,000 people waited patiently for up to four hours to experience the splendour of Europe's largest Relic Tour event this year.

The visit was superbly and generously organised by the Hungarian Karma-Kagyu Buddhist Church, under the direction of their teacher, Lama Chöphel, and they spared no expense nor energy to bring the holy relics to the people of Budapest.

The magnificent venue in the heart of Budapest, the Museum of Hungarian Literature, was previously the palatial home of the Prime Minister of Hungary. Still adorned with golden chandeliers, tapesteries and gilded mirrors, the setting was complemented with rich carpets and Tibetan thangkas.

In addition to the relics, Maitreya Project's 3-part DVD was shown in two different chambers, one in Chinese and one in English, sub-titled by the hosts into Hungarian.

Despite most visitors not being Buddhist, there was an understanding of the message of loving-kindness that is carried by the relics, and as the weekend progressed, the general response of the crowd towards the whole event turned from awe to devotion and respect. Many visitors said they left the event feeling they had witnessed something very special and definitely well-worth the long wait.

Many thanks to Lama Chöphel, director Zsolt Balogh, and the students of Karma-Kargyu Ling for their considerable work in preparing this magnificent event.